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Dry Food Storage Container 500ml Smart & Lumi

Code: 003301959

The new Cyclops “Smart & Lumi” dry food storage container family is the new “must have” that allows you to save space in your kitchen. Apart from their ability to stack up to each other and save space, their transparent nature allows you to take a look inside them at once from all sides maximizing their utility if placed inside kitchen drawers. Their different sizes have been carefully chosen in order to match the sizes of all the ordinary commercial packages of dry food like pasta, rice, etc, in order to help you out as much as possible to organize your kitchen drawers and closets.

Item dimensions (cm):
 15,00 x 9,50 x 6,00 – 500 ml 

Packing: 6 pcs

Packing type:

Box dimensions (cm): 28,00 x 15,00 x 11,80


                                   Suitable for use in the refrigerator.


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