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Two Compartment Water Pail Clean with Wheels and Squeezer

Code: 003001434

Registered industrial design EUIPO Registered Design No 003160639-0001 Its revolutionary design keeps your water clean in one pail  while  the other  removes the water from the mop. With wheels for effortless mopping. You can use mops of all sizes. Braced drainer that buckles and locks without coming out after each spin. Dual flow for simultaneous emptying of both parts.

Item dimensions (cm): 42,30 x 28,30 x 28,00 - 16 lt

Packing: Water pail 40 pcs Squeezer 40 pcs 

Packing type (for squeezer):

Pack dimensions (cm): water pail - 42,30 x 28,30 x 154,00 and squeezer - 60,00 x 45,00 x 27,00

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